Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Something's COOKing here...

Hail to the newly crowned American Idol David Cook! Call him scruffy or Daughtry-wannabe if you like, but his raspy voice is just so so sexy and who can forget his redition of Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby ? Besides, him singing with his tear-stained eyes on the results night just spelled sincerity, honesty...oh...completely tucked at my heart string. Ok, ok, here I go again with with my new-found pet artiste but with my taste leaning more towards the rockers' edge, it's no surprise that I put my bets on Cook (opps, I'm here in Malaysia here, cannot vote) than say his contender, the wide-eyed David Archuleta.

This younger David was the favourite to take the crown and I know there are many young girls who are swooning over him. I do not want to sound old here ( which I am certainly not because I believe that we will always be young at heart) but his style or approach just do not appeal to me. A crooner of ballads who has the habit of keeping his eyes shut to the world during 70 % of his singing, I mean come on, we don't need another Barry Mannilow here! But then again teenage girls around the world are peeling Nick Carter's posters off their walls to make way for Archuleta's because he is just so irresistibly cute to them, just as Cook is to me. Which brings to the point here, have I grown up and beginning to lose touch with what the average 16, 17-year-olds are thinking?

Well, why am I talking about this? This is because I will be teaching these 16-year-olds in more than a months' time and as I want to get into their books, I hope I will be able to reach out to them in one way or another. I think I am still in their generation and a gap such as the dirty Sungai Gombak ravine could not have existed ( hey, at least I am still watching American Idol ) but somehow I feel that I may not be able to understand their MTV yo, duh speech so well anymore. Come to think about it, I am just at least 5 years older than them but I think I may need to make a little effort to discover my adolescent side again.

Which is why I am making myself free every Wednesday 10pm to catch Gossip Girl, the latest It show in the US. I used to watch O.C., One Tree Hill and my favourite, favourite Gilmore Girls when I was growing up but I'm more into Ugly Betty and House these days. Gossip Girl is fine but the antics of the queen bee and the lot of beautiful, rich youngsters just do not really float my boat this time. I really hope my future students are not brats like them. All in all, it is really not that difficult watching TV anyway. Besides, I can claim to know the US Top 40 like the back of my hand and I do know which team is winning in the EPL although the NBA's just lost on me, so tell me do you think are my worries valid pals?


Labyrinth said...

good idea for preps! Don't tell me you're only watching for the sake of the students! hehehe Those shows are quite contagious! ;-) But tell me...what if..the students don't want watch tv? Or watch only Akademi Fantasia? (Xfile music...)

i TeAcH... said...

Hmmm... You have some goo points there, Chen. I think that it's great that you are making the effort of watching what a teenager would most probably watch now.
But the thing is that, growing up, I was the ONLY one watching all these English shows. I grew up watching, Saved by the bells, Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, Buffy... but my peers, they never really have any keen interest in all these shows. Their reason for not watching is simple, "Entah apa dia orang cakap...." Haiz... So, Sifu has a good point there, what is all that they watch is Akademi Fantasia? Then again, from my previous teaching experience, at least we can rest assure that they do listen to English songs.
I used to have these bunch of kids who only speak, "Teacher, toilet?", and they listen to Green Day's - American Idiot. How about that? Maybe we can start from there?
What do you think?