Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How do you like your teacher?

Here's the thing people, when it comes to teachers, the images that most people conjure up would be those of the no-nonsense, frumpy ones. However, there is an emerging breed of new English teachers from the graduation year of 2009 who are set to bring a breath of fresh air into the teaching profession. So for those of who have made it into the hall of fame, so sorry for exposing the candid teachers in you ya. Please don't be offended ok, it is all done in good humour.

The Joker, Angela Teo

The Musician Wannabe, Jennifer Tan

The Tough One, Chee Hwei in a gender-bending role ( she's so going to kill me this time)

The Crazy Teachers

Crazy Teacher 1 : Poay Ling

Crazy Teacher 2 : Joan Kan

The Scary Teacher, Jefeft Aw

The Food Connoisseur, Shih Min

The Opportunistic Photographer, Kenny

The Beautiful Teacher, Ainul Saadiah

Mabel in the background is also beautiful lah

The So- I -Think- I -Can -Dance -Teachers, Oliver, Kenny,Ben & Kean ( 1st yr)
It's a bit obscene here lah, dude

The Benevolent Teacher, April Ong

The Funny-Faced Teacher, Oliver Kee

The Oh, so Lovely Teacher, Tracy Looi

The So-Good-To- Kiss-Teacher, Ying Ying

Or is it Angelina Jolie in one of her pre-Brad Pitt moments?

What do you think about this one?

Me lah

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Chee PoayLing said...

Thanks for putting my photo here... but... but.... HAHAHAHAHAH... i really look so crazy.... hahahahaa.... our old sweet time together... i miss those time... muaakss...